Mercuri BankruptDespite the famous Mercuri ethics, a hidden bankruptcy is currently taking place in the danish branch of Mercuri International.

Mercuri’s core values, which are proudly displayed on their countless international websites, have now been completely abandoned in favor of hiding cash from creditors.  If you work with Mercuri International and believe their associates live by those core values in regards to sales or management, the following information should leave you questioning whether Mercuri Management actually have any concept of ethics and morals at all.

In the dead of night, a company named “Aktieselskabet af 21 Maj 2015” was created, and subsequently all Mercuri’s assets (and debts) then transferred to it – finally, this little puppet-company was declared bankrupt and came under administration.

This little business trick made sure that the bankruptcy would remain a secret (at least until now).
The facts behind this type of hidden bankruptcy is, that the heads of Mercuri Group (consisting of Frank Herbertz and Carl Olav Mathias Pilhage) had declared the danish branch of Mercuri bankrupt. What they gained by this “transaction”, was the ability to fire all employees,  tear up their contracts and to make sure that no external consultants or business partners (like myself) received due payment for our services.
Regarding my services, I can inform you that I provided instructional services for Mercuri Denmark during the month of May – in fact, I worked for them as late as the 28th – a few days ago now.
As the smart reader will have discerned, I worked for them during a time when both Danish and International management must have been planning this bankruptcy, meaning that they were basically conning both me, their business partner, and their own employees to avoid paying outstanding and ongoing debts… THIS IS MERCURI INTERANTIONAL’s REAL CORE VALUES.

With disgust, I have learned that the same culprits from Mercuri International Group have formed Mercuri International Denmark Aps – so that this “new” Mercuri International can keep on running at the expense of former employees and business partners – and let us not forget the Danish taxpayers who will have to pay Mercuri’s wage debts through the Employee’s Guarnatee Fund.

With this modest contribution, I hope to discourage all who might consider working with this company. You should reconsider your decision and examine the true core values exhibited by their deviant and dishonest behavior. Are these business values of standard you can support, are they values you would want to influence and guide your managers and employees?

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