Has it become spring in Danish Football Union? There are probably many who are holding their breath, crossing fingers fore that there now will be made a proper spring cleaning in DBU, we are counting on that the new president and the new CEO can chance years of conservative power and nepotism in DBU management and culture.
Lately we have all read about the former president that he before he retires makes himself a decent severance fee; I dare not think about how many of these, have been given to and between friends in DBU through time!
Now is the hope of all the volunteers, all competent football people in Denmark that the DBU will be well and thoroughly grasp the clean no, so there can be a culture change for a more performance-oriented and better culture for everyone.

Should this happen, it needs to be addressed at all levels of the organization, I will be glad to have an answer on whether there has been unwarranted gifts of travel, etc. not declared to the tax. I would like to know about how the fees are paid and whether they were Danish taxed? I would like to be able to see who has already taken trainer licenses and who their examiners are, in order to ensure that DBU not give away titles for staff without examination and on full pay? I would annoyance about it is a case that a very large proportion of the staff around the national team is from South Zealand or they just might be better and more competent in this part of Denmark ?
Yes, this is just a little scattered of issues that I believe that football Denmark should learn of, and the new leadership of DBU should look into.
Spring Cleaning requires you to roll up your sleeves, it’s hard work and can be dreadfully dirty, but heck it’s so good when the air again is clean and dust is removed.

Good luck, if you need help just call!