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My new book about the mental aspect of salesmanship is now out and available as an E-Book at Amazon and iBooks (and many other places as well). I've spent most of my professional life working with performance oriented professions and organizations, and I've found the similarities between the professional athlete and the salesman to be striking; both immediately see the effects of their performance - they either fail or succeed. Such jobs have high degrees of pressure, and consequently set high demands for the athletes and salesman’s willpower. I've always found that willpower is the most important factor when it comes to sales; there are no products that truly sell themselves - the human factor is always what sells your product. You, as a salesman, are the human factor, It is YOU who sells the product. While you may or may not realize it, your willpower is the essential attribute that makes you a good salesman; it is your willpower that enables you to conquer your fear of new clients and gets you through the dry spells. Willpower for Sale deals extensively with the salesman's willpower and his mentality. The book provides you with a valuable insight into your own mind, and teaches you methods how to improve your willpower - making you a better salesman. Besides the individual minds of the [...]