When do they learn?

Team Saxo Bank- Tinkoff and a variety of professional cycling teams trying, as in the professional football, to buy their victories – their points. But each time they try, around the corner a young talent with the right will comes along and beats all the expensive boys. Why?

It is my firm belief that when the sport – the team, is controlled by businessmen and not by people driven by the development of human potential, it messes up the the things actually related to the sportspeople involved; the body, the physique and the mind.

Management and the persons that should train increasingly looks after the business instead of potential and skill. The sponsors are influencing procurement policy and their priorities are anything but human development or team development towards the optimum in a sport.

Team, and team owners selling their otherwise dedicated soul to sponsors of gradually rather suspicious persuasions. Sponsors, however, has long since sold their souls to Satan or whatever we should call the depraved souls home.

All in all it will be the young athletes who come in on that last lap who lose their development, instead going into partnership with the merchants to earn quick money.  Doped or not, it does not matter – you will be forgotten tomorrow.